Sunday, January 27, 2013


Carly has been slowly recovering from her most recent shunt surgery and pneumonia. Her respiration sounds much better and is nearly back to normal. The new larger shunt tubing seems to be making a difference, and when Carly is sitting upright we think it is flowing briskly. This is affecting how she feels too, so it is a matter of trial and error as we figure out how long she can be upright and when we need to lay her flat. Hopefully this is something that she grows accustomed to over the coming weeks and she can be upright as long as she likes. It is nice seeing her more awake and smiling more each day.

January 27 is a day that we will always think of our dear friend Tyler Palmer. Five years have now gone by since the day we all lost him. He meant a lot to many people, and we miss him terribly. He was a great son, brother and friend and I am proud that our son Kempton can carry the middle name Tyler. In honor of him go enjoy the outdoors, make a conscious effort to do something that helps our planet, give someone a big heartfelt hug, and take a step toward following your dreams. We love you Tyler.




Michelle said...

I always think of Tyler this time of year. I'm ready to get outdoors in honor of him :)

Tutu said...

I love this picture of Tyler and all that he means to you..having introduced you and being part of The Big Three in the beginning...your chosen brother.