Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thirty Two

Carly was having a lot of up and down moments, with the down moments getting more prevalent over the last week. Time for shunt 31 was clearly up, so Carly headed back to the OR yesterday afternoon.  Dr. Gupta found an obstruction in the peritoneal catheter this time, and he replaced all of the shunt hardware. The elevated protein levels that lead to build up in the shunt have been stable over the last month but still need to come down a bit to ensure the shunt will not become obstructed.  Carly recovered well and we had a nice, quiet room at the hospital last night.  She was discharged around noon today and is now fast asleep in her own bed here at home.  We are hoping that with all new shunt hardware, she has a long stretch of feeling good coming her way.

Love, Brad