Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Overdue Update

Since we last wrote Carly has had her most stable run to date. She went just over 4 months without a stay in the hospital. It was a good break for all of us, and one for which we are very thankful. At the beginning of August she underwent her 41st shunt revision and has been holding steady since. We were able to take a trip to Michigan for almost 2 weeks to spend time with Brad's parents, siblings, and their families.

Today Carly is having a gamma knife radiation treatment on the tumor recurrence that we have been monitoring. The tumor is small, but has been growing slowly. We want to treat it now, before it gets to a size beyond the scope of gamma knife radiosurgery. If everything goes well, Carly will get to go home tonight after the 6 hour procedure.

Carly has been smiling quite a bit recently. She, like the rest of us, loved all the time she spent outside at Douglas Lake.

Lots of love,