Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pennies For Carly

Carly has been doing pretty well since her last surgery. It continues to take awhile for her to get back to her baseline after surgery, with a lot of trial and error to figure out how much we should be pumping her shunt. While this does make for a mix of good and less good parts of the day, the good parts are still more common. She recently got a new chair that supports her really well and makes it easy for us to take her around the house and involve her in our daily activities. This should be a great addition for us and will hopefully help encourage Carly to spend more and more time awake and interactive.

Recently we received one of the most touching and caring packages in the mail. A friend of ours, Julia, who is a teacher at Donald Hertz School P.S. 83 in the Bronx, NY spread the word about Carly and her fight against brain tumors. A teacher at the school, Connie Calabrese, and her community service club decided to choose Team Carly fundraising for the National Brain Tumor Society as their project. Through a program called Penny Harvest, this group raised $400 to help support the fight against brain tumors. The package they sent included letters and poems from the kids filled with love and support for Carly, as well as a picture of all of them holding a Team Carly sign they made. It was incredibly touching, and such a great example of how inspiring Carly is and how thoughtful and caring people can be. Carly, Christa and I want to thank Julia, Connie, Jesada, Giselle, Maria, Shylia, Vivian, Joshua, Ariella, Bibi, Chris, Jorge, Daniel, Elisaul and Bernadette and all who supported them from the bottom of our hearts. You helped brighten Carly's day, filled her with smiles and will help her to keep getting better each day.

Love, Brad