Thursday, July 14, 2011

Turn It Down A Notch

As you all probably know by now, no news tends to be good news around here.  Carly had her usual quick recovery from her last shunt surgery, in fact it was quick enough that she was up in Qunicy, CA at the High Sierra Music Festival only 24 hours after she was discharged from the hospital.  The festival was great for all of us and Carly seems to like all of the live music. Over the last week she started to have more fussy periods, and we were all awake on and off through the night. As this increased it still did not look exactly like previous shunt malfunctions so we were hoping for the best.  Yesterday Christa took Carly up to UCSF to have the shunt adjusted to a lower pressure setting.  This is a painless one minute process that simply takes the turn of a strong magnet against her skin where the shunt valve sits.  Within thirty minutes Carly was clearly a lot more comfortable and we all slept through the night last night. She had a good day again today and is sleeping now, so hopefully this shunt setting is just what she needed.

Love, Brad