Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Carly's newest shunt appears to be working, but her seizures continue to stick around. During the last few weeks we have made a few changes to the flow settings on her shunt (a simple and painless 30 second procedure) in the hope that it would help alleviate the seizures but we have not found a fix yet. We decided that a trip to Hawaii might be just the trick to help her, or at the very least help us recharge, so on November the 5th we headed to the Big Island for 10 days of fun in the sun.

Carly enjoyed her relaxing days on the beach, and she definitely liked eating fresh bananas (picked from our own tree,) pineapple and papaya.  We got home late last night after a great trip but the seizures are sticking around, occuring 5-6 times a day now. We are following up with neurosurgery and neurology at UCSF as well as some second opinions in hopes of finding a way to help Carly past this hurdle. We'll keep praying for, and envisioning, an end to these episodes and peaceful days ahead for Carly.

Love, Brad