Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Carly made it through another surgery with flying colors. The procedure lasted about two hours, and Dr. Gupta replaced all of the shunt hardware. He was able to see a clog in end of the peritoneal catheter that was preventing the old shunt from working properly. It was a relief to hear that the shunt was malfunctioning and that our call to replace it was the right one. Carly is resting now, and has already eaten once since the surgery. She is in some pain, as usual with these procedures, but we are hoping for a quick and easy recovery for her.

Love, Brad

Monday, September 20, 2010

Back To The OR

Soon after my last post, Carly's seizures returned. At first she was having one a day, then it went up to three a day and stayed at the level.  We were hoping that the seizures would go away on their own, but after three weeks they are still hanging around. On top of the seizures, Carly has just not seemed quite like herself and seems to be slowly feeling worse. She is still smiling during the day and eating pretty well, but we have had the feeling that shunt number ten was on the way out. Carly had several tests last week to rule out other causes, and nothing obvious has come up. Since things are not clearing up on their own, she will be having a shunt replacement surgery tomorrow afternoon.  We're hoping that her positive progress can get back on track quickly with shunt number eleven.

Love, Brad