Friday, February 12, 2010

Little Snow Bunny

I can hardly believe that two weeks have passed since my last post. Where does the time go? Carly has been doing well, making progress each day without any surprise hospital visits to speak of. She is slowly starting to spend more time awake each day, and she is starting to use her hands for more exploring than we have seen in a long time. Last weekend we got to make our first trip in two years to our ski house in Tahoe. Carly seemed to like the mountain air, and she was mesmerized by the snowflakes falling on her cheeks as she looked up to the sky. It was so nice to be up there and we are headed back tonight!

The biggest news is on the seizure front. As you all know Carly was suffering from infant spasms for over three months and we were trying to find a medication that would get them under control. In the beginning of December we had determined that the second medication was not working and we had started to taper it in preparation for the third medication.  On December 10th we were back in the hospital dealing with a shunt malfunction and after two days in the PICU the seizures just went away. It has now been two months since then, she is off all seizure medications and they are still gone. The neurology team does not have an explanation for it, they just said to be thankful. Needless to say we are beyond thankful and we know that the love and prayers from all of you helped her get past this hurdle. We continue to take one day at a time, and this string of good days has been a wonderful gift.