Saturday, December 22, 2012

Catching Up For The Holidays

It has been a long time since my last post, and a lot has happened during this time. I don't know exactly why I haven't written sooner. Partly I think that the frequent issues that Carly has had to deal with have been wearing me down some, and I was starting to feel like a broken record with my posts. That said, this blog is an important way to keep all of our loved ones up to date, and to keep Carly in the minds of so many. We also get a lot from the comments from all of you here and we have missed that. We are going to try a new phase of the blog and I will try to write more and post more photos, but also Christa will begin writing more often with updates on how Carly's weeks are going.

Now on to what people really want to know: How is Carly? I have described the last four months as hovering around mediocre, with some periods that were better and quite a few when it was worse. During the good periods Carly has been able to go to school, she is awake and interactive for most of her time there, and many of her classmates love to get to push her in her wheelchair during their outside time. She is full of smiles, eats well and as always she loves listening to music. We took Carly and Kempton on a 10 day trip to Kauai in October and she had her own bedroom with a big poster bed that had windows looking out to the ocean and beautiful gardens. Each day at sunrise birds would be singing outside her window and she would wake up smiling. That alone was worth the trip. The less good periods have been too frequent and typically Carly stops eating and drinking and she sleeps 20+ hours a day. Each time a shunt issue has been to blame.

Carly is now up to shunt 37, which she got earlier today. She had surgery for shunt 36 just last Friday and after a good day on Saturday she slowly got worse again over the week. Today Dr. Auguste found that something had been blocking the flow that likely got stuck there during the last surgery. She is resting well now and we were treated to a beautiful view of the Marin headlands when we got up to her hospital room today. It was one of the first sunny breaks in a long string of rain, and I am hoping that it is a sign that Carly has some sunny days ahead.

We should get home from the hospital tomorrow and we will get to spend Christmas Eve with Christa's family in Walnut Creek. If Carly is recovering well we hope to fly to Northern Michigan on Christmas day to spend some time with my family. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that both of these things get to happen. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love, Brad